Product Highlight: Our Poultry Products

Searching for high-quality, free-range poultry products at a cost-effective price can be frustrating. Everywhere you go you either have to compromise on the quality of the product or the pricing! It has long been this way until Premium Meats came along.

Premium Meats offers only the highest quality poultry and works hard to ensure the proper handling of the products is always employed. Whether you are looking for chicken breasts or even Cornish Hens, Premium Meats has you covered. All you need to do is place an order and a delicious meal will be delivered right to your doorstep!

Our Delicious Selection Of Poultry!

Many people only think of chickens when presented with the word poultry, but that is not the case. A wide range of birds are considered poultry, each with its unique flavour and gaminess.

We understand that it can be difficult to decide to try a new product without knowing what to expect taste-wise, which is why we here at Premium Meats have assembled this easy-to-read guide on the top poultry products we carry and their flavour profile!


Our chickens are sourced from various local Ontario farms. As per our standards, all chickens we sell are free-range and antibiotic-free.

We ensure that all of our chickens are air-chilled so they retain their perfect flavour and colour. If you water chill chickens, you will have excess water weight in the product.  

Canadian farm-raised and grain-fed, these chickens are top quality. Order chicken from us today, you will be able to taste the quality of this classic Canadian meat!

Duck Breast Muscovy

Muscovy duck is one of our more popular products. Raised without hormones or antibiotics on a free-range farm that encourages natural behaviour in its animals, this prized cut of meat is lauded for its full-flavoured red meat and thin skin.  

Our Muscovy ducks are raised to adulthood, which is two times longer than the industry standard making our meat premium quality and highly sought after.

Order your Muscovy duck today and you will see what everybody is talking about. It is a fan favourite for a reason and is highly recommended for poultry lovers across Canada.

Cornish Hens

The Cornish hen is a tried and true classic. People love Cornish hen because of its tender juicy meat that bursts with flavour.

All of our Cornish hens are free-range and raised without hormones or antibiotics which can affect the flavour of the meat.

A very popular way to cook Cornish hen is on the barbecue. All you need to do is brush the meat with your favourite sauce and it is ready to be cooked! 

Order a Cornish hen from us today to see what everybody is talking about. Its meat is unlike any other game bird and is sure to impress at the dinner table!


Our pheasant is raised right here on a small farm in Ontario. They are raised without hormones or antibiotics to guarantee the highest quality, untampered flavour.

The birds live in a large netted field which allows them the ability to roam and fly so they maintain their natural behaviours. The pheasant is one of the most popular game birds with lean and fragrant meat!

Order a pheasant from us today and you will have peace of mind knowing the creature was treated humanely throughout the farming process. Contact us today with any questions you may have about our locally sourced pheasant!

Premium Meats - Quality Products at a Quality Price

Premium Meats prides itself on providing world-class top-quality poultry products to residents of Canada. Your nutrition is important to us, which is why we ensure all of our poultry products are made in healthy, safe environments free from chemicals.

Trust Premium Meats to deliver you a delicious selection of poultry products without breaking the bank. Our customers are our passion, and we want to thank you for purchasing our products to feed yourself and your loved ones. 

Contact us today with any questions, or order your poultry products on our online shop now!



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Product Highlight: Our Poultry Products

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