Product Highlight: Our Wagyu Beef Products

Wagyu beef is one of the highest quality beef products in the world. Sought after by many, wagyu beef is becoming increasingly difficult to find for fans of fine dining.

Premium Meats has been in the business for over 75 years, and we have secured excellent connections across the world to procure the highest quality wagyu beef products for residents of Ontario and Quebec! You can rest assured you are getting nothing but the best. We have put together a guide to the top quality wagyu beef products we offer so you can decide which mouth watering selection is right for you!

Wagyu Beef - What’s All The Hype About?

So why is the world going crazy for Wagyu Beef? We are glad you asked! Take some time to familiarise yourself with our wagyu beef products, and you will see the difference quality makes.

What’s The Difference Between Japanese and Australian Wagyu Beef?

Although the methods of producing wagyu beef are fairly similar, there are a couple differences between australian and japanese wagyu.

The first difference between them are the different climates and the soil the cattle is raised in. This will naturally affect the taste of the beef slightly.

The second difference is genetics. Japanese wagyu is widely considered “full flood” wagyu whereas Australian wagyu is purebred. The difference is that for the first time between 1992 and 1996 Japan allowed full blood wagyu cattle to leave the country. This is how Australia managed to get their hands on full blood wagyu and began cross-breeding them with their breeds of cattle. Upon the 4th cross the cattle could be considered over 90% purebred wagyu.

As of now, only about 5% of Australian Wagyu cattle are full blood wagyu.

Japanese Wagyu Steak

Japanese wagyu steak is the original wagyu steak that started the craze. Japanese wagyu is particularly well marbled due to centuries of Japanese breeding and feeding techniques.

Fun Fact: Wagyu actually translates to Japanese cow!

There is Japanese wagyu hailed as being “the champagne of wagyu”, and that is kobe beef. Kobe beef, similar to champagne, has to be produced from a certain region of the world to warrant the title. That means all kobe beef can be wagyu, but not all wagyu can be kobe.

Australian Wagyu Steak

Australian wagyu has quickly become a global delicacy. There are a couple of things that set Australian wagyu apart from the rest of the world, the first being they are not raised on any antibiotics to not contaminate the meat.

Another differentiator is they are raised on a strictly vegetarian diet! Australian wagyu are smaller than their Japanese brothers and sisters, weighing in at about half their size.

Wagyu Ground Beef

Wagyu ground beef products are the perfect way to enjoy this top tier meat without breaking the bank! The ground wagyu chuck we offer is cut from around the shoulder. This makes for the perfect fat to lean ratio perfect for meatballs, burgers or even tacos!

Wagyu burgers are particularly popular, with chefs across the world looking for the perfect recipe to cook such a high quality burger.

Premium Meats - Ontario and Quebec's Home For Quality Wagyu Beef!

Here at Premium Meats we pride ourselves on supplying the highest quality products for our customers, and our selection of wagyu beef is no exception!

If you want to enjoy the best quality wagyu beef money can buy at affordable prices, shop online at Premium Meats and have the products you select delivered right to your door!



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