Aaron Franklin's Definitive Guide To Pulled Pork

Pulled pork. Pork Butt. Shredded pork. Pork shoulder. It's got a variety of names. We all usually enjoy it on a hot bun, slathered in BBQ sauce. Here - Aaron Franklin of Franklin BBQ provides the definitive guide to making the ultimate pulled pork. 

For those of you who don't know who Aaron Franklin is, he's the founder and owner of Franklin BBQ in Austin, Texas. This place is arguably one of the best BBQ joints in the world. We've featured him before on the blog, with a great recipe on brisket that we put together back in April. He knows a thing or two about BBQ. This recipe is no different, especially for those of us who hit up the local rib fest when it rolls into town. Pulled pork is one of the more delectable aspects of good BBQ, and you can make it at home. Keep in mind though - you need a smoker to make this properly. 

This recipe starts off with a rundown of the required condiments. Namely, salt and black pepper - staples of any good traditional BBQ. He throws any regular ratio between the two out the window, and does an even split of 50/50 split between the two. Paprika. Onion powder. Garlic powder. That's it. A generous rub, and he sits the pork butt down onto a smoker at about 275 degrees. 5 hours later, he uses an apple/vinegar spray to introduce moisture into the meat, and makes it clear that slow cooking and resting is an important part of this simple recipe. 

The way the pork shoulder almost falls apart at the end of this video is brilliant. Definitely something worth trying. 

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Aaron Franklin's Definitive Guide To Pulled Pork

Pulled pork. Pork Butt. Shredded pork. Pork shoulder. It's got a variety of names. We all usually enjoy it on a hot...

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