Due to COVID19, out of town shipments are frozen - Ottawa Deliveries are NEXT BUSINESS DAY


Q. Where do you ship?
A. We ship anywhere in Ontario and Quebec.  
Q. Is there a charge for shipping in Ottawa/Gatineau?
A. Yes there is a $10 delivery charge for local orders OVER $150.  All orders under $150 will be charged $25. Rural Ottawa and Gatineau carry a $35 delivery charge.
Q. How is it shipped?
A. Local deliveries are shipped via our trucks and anything out of the Ottawa area is shipped via Purolator next day shipping.
Q. What kind of packaging is used?
A. We use cardboard boxes with an insulated bag inside the box.  Inside the insulated bag we place multiple ice packs to help maintain cold temperatures.
Q. How long will it takes to deliver my order?
A. Your order is usually delivered within 2-3 days depending upon when it's ordered. 
Q. Can I pick up my order?
A. Unfortunately we cannot allow people to pick up orders at this time due to COVID-19.
Q. Where do I pick up my order?
A. Your order is to be picked up at 1620 Laperriere Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario, K1Z 7T2 (IT IS NOT POSSIBLE DURING THIS PANDEMIC TO PICK UP ORDERS)
Q. Is it possible to add on to my order?
A. Unfortunately it is NOT possible to add to an order that was already placed.  You can contact us to cancel the current order and to reorder with the additional items included.
Q. Is there a minimum order for delivery?
A. No, there is no minimum order for delivery BUT if the order is less than $150 there will be a $25 delivery charge. 
Q. Do i have to be home when it is delivered?
A. No, no one needs to be home when your meat is delivered.  It can stay at your front door until you arrive home.
Q. Do I have to order online or is there a retail store?
A. You can only order online for the time being.  Due to COVID-19 concerns for our customers and employees, we have restricted only to online orders.
Q. Are the meats government inspected?
A. YES (Of course)!! All our meats are government inspected.  We are a HACCP Certified facility and follow all the rules and regulations of the CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency).  Everything we carry is either Provincially or Federally Inspected.
Q. What does HACCP mean?
A. HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points.  It’s a measure of food safety that is used to determine the hazard surrounding the production and distribution of food and how to control and minimize the risks.
Q. Where are the meats sourced?
A. All our meats are sourced from within Canada, United States, Australia and New Zealand. 
Q. Where are we located?
 A. We are located at 1620 Laperriere Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario, K1Z7T2
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