Reverse Searing On A Big Green Egg

Reverse Searing. You've probably never heard of this method before. This is how steakhouses do it, and it involves cooking meat at essentially two different temperatures. You can really only do this with thick thick cuts of meat, and it's not meant for thin steaks. This is how you create an amazing char and crust. This is how you get that perfect look on the outside. This is how you do it on arguably one of the best grills for meats - the Big Green Egg

First - let's just explain what reverse searing is. This is another good explanation of it. You're essentially cooking the meat at two different temperatures. A passive temperature to slowly cook the meat to the desired doneness, and a second "finishing" temperature (a very high heat) for finishing the exterior of the meat, while also getting that last 10 degrees of desired doneness for the inside. You need a meat thermometer, as well as a grill probe for the egg. You'll also need the heat plate for the egg. 

Big Green Eggs are famous for the evenly distributed heat they can achieve. After letting the meat passively cook for about 30-40 minutes (depending on the thickness), the finishing at the high heat literally only takes 30 seconds at a time and achieves that elusive crust many people love on a good cut of meat. Reverse searing is ideal for aged steaks. 

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