Jesse Griffiths Gingerly Demonstrates The Perfect Method For Grilling A Ribeye

Situated in the fire flamed city of BBQ - Austin, Texas - Jesse Griffiths isn't a stranger to a beautiful thick ribeye. He's the owner and chef of Dai Due in Texas' capitol, the popular supper club and farmer's market. Saying he knows a thing or two about grilling a perfect piece of meat is an understatement. He took some time to film a Vice Munchies segment to show grilling aficianados everywhere the right way to do it. 

As demonstrated in the video - a thick ribeye is essential in the mix. He uses an open flame grill with oak, and indicates the importance of a "rippin' hot fire" - with as much smoke as there is flame for added texture and char. A thick piece of meat allows him to get the elusive crust that many of us look for when grilling meat. A simple pre-seasoning of seal salt for 24 hours prior to hitting the grill is part of his method. 

He renders the fat out of the meat by grilling the fatty side first for about 5 minutes. This is a particularly interesting part of the video, as he explains that he uses the fat to oil the grill and the grill marks he creates on the sides of the ribeyes is probably unlike anything you've seen before.

Take special note of his comment about meat resting after being removed from the heat. He suggests letting the meat rest for up to 15 or 30 minutes. 

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