Great Steak 101: Letting Your Meat Rest

Here's an obvious primer on the best possible steak experience you can have. Letting your meat rest is important and is not something that should be overlooked. Here, Australian celebrity chef Curtis Stone shows us how to let your meat rest properly and why it's an important step. 

Allowing steak to rest after the removal from the heat source is essential for the even redistribution of heat back into the meat. The steak continues to cook for a time, but at less of a rate, and the loss of moisture is minimized. Once you cut into a steak that's rested, you'll notice pieces that are well coloured and more tender. 

As per this really informative piece on Serious Eats' Food Lab:

"As one surface of the meat hits the heat source (pan or grill), the juices in that surface are forced away towards the center, increasing the concentration of moisture in the middle of the steak. Once the steak gets flipped over, the same thing happens on the other side. The center of the steak becomes saturated with liquid and when when you slice it open, all that extra liquid pours out. By resting the steaks, you allow all that liquid that was forced out of the edges and into the center time to migrate back out to the edges".

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