DJ BBQ and Stuffed Pork Chops

DJ BBQ (a.k.a. Christian Stevenson) is a man of many talents. Least of which is his penchant for making recipes fun. Here, he gives us a great recipe for stuffed pork chops. These look delicious and they're relatively simple.

He preps these on a cast iron skillet on a BBQ grill - mixing onion, apple, fresh cracked pepper, and sea salt. Smashed garlic rounds out the pan action, and he combines everything to perfection before adding breadcrumbs and sage to bind this delicious mixture. 

He cuts the pork chops prior to starting the mixture in the pan, but you can do this after you've prepped the stuffing. Pack the mixture into the chops, and after a light application of salt and pepper onto the meat, you're ready to go. 

Frenched style pork chops are great way to start this recipe off. Check out our selection of pork or contact us



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