Jamie Oliver Crushes Steak With Wild Mushrooms For Google

Live from the London offices of Google - Jamie Oliver's steak with wild mushrooms. 

Jamie Oliver was doing a great webcast called "Food Revolution" back in 2011, and stopped by the British offices of the world's pre-eminent search engine to show a good size group one of the most deliciously simple ways to prepare a pan fried steak. 

God cuts of meat are essential here, and ideally aged. We have you covered on that. You can check out our wide variety of dry aged steaks and premium steaks for the most important component of this recipe. You're also going to need some wild mushrooms, rosemary, garlic, thyme, parsley, sage, lemon juice, good olive oil, and your best cast iron pan. 

The steak prep is pretty straightforward. We've seen this before with what Gordon Ramsay does. Jamie goes into some detail about moisture content with cooking meat and why it's important to keep flipping your steaks to contain the natural juices of the meat. After letting the meat rest as it comes off the heat, he breaks out the mushrooms.

PRO TIP: You'll notice he doesn't wash the mushrooms. He literally just pulls them apart with his hands and throws them in a pan with hot oil. Mushrooms are naturally full of water, and wetting them further makes them overly soggy. The heat from the pan will release the natural moisture and maintain flavour. 

Thyme and garlic are added to the mushroom pan. Chopped parsley and butter. A few good tosses for a full coating on everything, and then you're finishing with lemon juice. 

While that's all going down - he begins prep on a steak dressing on the chop board. This is the interesting part of the video. Skip ahead to about 8:00 mins if you want to check that out. Good cooking!


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