Gordon Ramsay Makes A Perfect Pan Fried Steak

Britain's most famous chef and one of the most internationally recognized culinary figures in the world is at it again.

He gives a short "how to" on making the perfect pan fried steak. There's a bit of a misconception that the BBQ is the ultimate culinary tool in making the perfect steak. As evidenced, that's a matter of opinion. This might look easy - but there's a few key steps to note here - and remember that a Michelin star chef is making it look simpler than it actually is. 

With his signature essential recommendation of "searing" a steak, with just a bit of olive oil, Gordon advises on avoiding boiling the meat, basting with butter, essential temperatures prior to cooking, seasoning, and some quick tips on the angle that you should cut it after letting the steaks rest. 

It's not that hard - but speaking from experience - it's wise to follow the steps exactly. I recently tried this a few times with some of our ribeye steaks, and substituted rosemary instead of thyme, and it was one of the best recipes I've tried to date. 

Need a little more direction? He does it again here, too. 

The most essential ingredient before trying this is premium quality meat. We have that covered for you. Check out our selection of premium dry aged steaks to try this simple recipe out. 

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