Prime Grade Ribeye Steak

Prime grade Ribeye - Slipacoff's Premium Meats

Prime Grade Ribeye Steak

Slipacoff's Premium Meats

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The Prime Grade Ribeye Steak is one of our most popular cuts of beef. This ribeye steak is made from carefully selected and expertly butchered prime grade Canadian beef. We age our ribeye steaks for more than 35 days to create the ultimate flavour.

Also know as a Spencer, this cut from the rib is one of the three most popular and flavorful steaks you can buy from Slipacoff's Premium Meats, alongside the tenderloin steak and the striploin steak. The prime grade ribeye steak has more fat content than you might find in a striploin steak or tenderloin steak which gives this steak an burst of flavour. If you are looking for a steal that's a cut above, better than AAA beef, and close to Australian wagyu beef, then this is the steak that you should go ALL-IN on.

We recommend cooking this steak on the grill or cast iron searing for best results. Simple, easy, and jam-packed with flavour!

  • 100% Canadian Prime-grade beef
  • Naturally raised
  • Free from hormones and antibiotics
  • Aged 35 days


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