Liza Queen Is The Master Of Brick Chicken

Liza Queen. Chef and owner at Potlikker. Classic American regional and seasonal food expert. Comfort cuisine master. The video above is courtesy of Munchies and acts as a clearly articulated how-to when it comes to Brick Chicken. She also gives a great rundown on deboning a whole chicken - something that everyone should learn to do. 

For fans of crispy chicken, this is a must try recipe. Essential elements for the foray into Queen's approach will include a very sharp knife, a good whole chicken (we have you covered on that one), a good bacon press (or a copper saucepan), salt, butter, and more butter. 

She finished the recipe with a solid tutorial on making a good pan sauce to finish the chicken using the fond and gives some great suggestions on cubing butter and keeping it chilled so that it emulsifies optimally. This is one of the better recipes we've seen and it looks delicious.  

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