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Dry Aged Steaks

Dry aging transforms and concentrates the flavour of beef in the same way that wine and cheese are transformed with age. It’s what gives these culinary pleasures their appealing but mysterious edge—some call it funkiness—a sensory experience that hits the tongue in waves. According to Bon Appetit magazine dry aged beef is a huge trend among restaurant chefs today who are re-discovering this nearly lost art and breathing new life into the tasty tradition. Now you can try it at home.


Our Canadian dry aged beef is cared for in a temperature and humidity-controlled locker for 40 days (most supermarket beef is wet-aged 7-14 days). As moisture evaporates and the enzymes go to work on the meat’s protein, the meat becomes tender and gains more of that irresistible deep, rich, mouthwatering flavour. Only then are the finest striploins and tenderloins cut into our magnificent steaks.

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