The Best Rotisserie Chicken On The Grill

From Montreal to Vancouver - Rotisserie Chicken Is One of Canada's Favourite Meals. 

Hard to believe? Well...we have a 24 hour channel dedicated to it. I think that says something....

Jamie Purviance knows a thing or two about grilling. He's the author of Weber's Way To Grill - considered one of the premiere bibles of grilling available. Here - he gives food writer David Leite one of the best primers on perfectly making rotisserie chicken - a favourite for many Canadians who go to Swiss Chalet or St. Hubert for this delicious take on whole poultry. 

First things first. They show the proper way to truss a chicken - a term most people aren't familiar with. Trussing poultry ensures that the legs and wings are firmly fastened against the body. This helps maintain shape and cook evenly without drying out any of the extremities. 

After you've trussed your chicken, you'll be ready to mount it onto your rotisserie. 

They're using a Weber grill and apply an indirect cooking method using a BBQ. This involves using only 4 of the six burners (outside burners) and cooking the chicken at about 300 degrees while rotating. After about an hour, this particular BBQ model's infrared burner is fired up, and finishes the chicken golden and crispy. If your BBQ doesn't have an infrared burner, you can fire up all six burners on high to get the blistered golden finish on your bird as well. 

There's some great other tips here for measuring internal temperature and prep post removal from the grill. 

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